About Us

Welcome to RTI Military Surplus , this is a Trade Website ONLY . Retail customers please visit our store in Lutterworth LE17 4HE during our opening days . Thursday - Friday - Saturday 10 AM - 6.00 PM ( appx ) 


We specialise in the trade import and export of Army and Government Surplus Stores and Equipment throughout Europe and beyond.


We are based in the ‘midlands’ in the UK and we import/export a wide range of surplus materials with a view to re-cycling as high a percentage as possible. We carry out the primary sorting at our depot, the clothing being sorted into various material categories prior to resale or shredding, depending on condition.


We act in accordance with, and often exceed, the UK Government's green recycling policy's and initiatives pertaining to the reprocessing of all materials for land fill avoidance.


Items are processed at our depot where they are sorted and graded according to their composition and condition.


Heavy woven material is used within the filling trade i.e. for furniture & mattresses etc.


The footwear that is past wearing can be successfully reduced to produce, the rubber/composite sole is removed, cleaned and ground up ready to be remolded in to something else, The leather upper is stripped of any metal fittings recycled and the remaining leather parts can then be made into small items for re-use


Any recovered metals and plastics such as buttons or zips have a re-cycling value and are dealt with accordingly.


We have a processing plant abroad which handles hosiery and non-woven materials to be cut and packed to produce wiping rags for cleaning and polishing and sold to janitorial suppliers across the UK and Europe. Please see our domestic recycling web site www.rugbytrading.com for more details.


As a company we are always looking for new avenues and processes to increase the percentage of recoverable materials from what would otherwise be regarded as waste.


Please contact us to discuss any recycling requirements.